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Client Recommendations

URGENT: If you are considering building a home in the WNC area you nee to look no further than Mike Eubank Construction.

WE were blessed to have Mike Eubank Construction build our mountain home!

Mike and Joey are honest and professional; and we can say the very same about ALL of their subs. We strongly believe in supporting our local community and when Mike informed us that he gets mos of his building materials from Henson's in Black Mountain we were more than pleased. Working with the staff at Henson's was a pleasure.

MEC pays attention to detail. Any concerns that we had during the building process were addressed immediately; and if they had a question they reached out to us before proceeding further.

Building a home is a team effort! and that is the motto of Mike Eubank Construction!

Thank you Mike, Joey and to ALL of your subs for building our mountain home that we are blessed to live in and enjoy with our family and friends.

Carl & Linda Sparks

Proud Homeowners of a House built by Mike Eubank

My wife and I relocated from Northern Virginia to Black Mountain, NC in July 2013 so we could be on hand during the final design, permitting, and construction of our home. The home was designed by Golden Design Architects of Columbia, MO. We immediately began the process of interviewing possible builders for our home. We interviewed 5 builders that were either recommended to us or we had see their work, all with Western North Carolina construction experience. We wanted a builder that had both the experience and integrity to construct a quality, unique custom home, in a reasonable time frame.

Our home is located in the Laurel Ridge community of Black Mountain at an elevation of 3,500 feet. We had all the challenges of the 2012 Buncombe County Ordinances; Restricted Ridge and the Steep Slope, in obtaining our building permit. Joey Reed, MEC supervisor, in concert with our architect, worked diligently with the Buncombe County Zoning Department to insure the design and construction plans met with these ordinances.

Once construction began, either Mike or Joey was on site nearly every day, weather permitting. Our neighbors were astounded that there were so many people working on the project at any given stage. We were always informed when workers were scheduled ot be on site. At the commencement of construcgtion Mike indicated htat he strives for a completed home in 12 months from the start of construction, we missed that goal by only one month; given the challenges of a harsh 2013-14 winter, this was quite an achievement.

We remain extremely impressed with Mike, Joey, and Dave Griffith, as well as all of the MEC sub-contractors, as not only cost and quality conscious, but also a group of people who really enjoy working together. Mike and his staff were3 a pleasure to work with, and hands-down are one of the Best in the Business. Mike is a man of integrity who stands by his word. He and Joey were always happy to answer our questions and address our concerns. our punch list was completed in record time and the house was clean and ready for our move-in date. We love our new mountain home and are so glad we made the excellent choice of Mike Eubank as our Builder.

Jerry and Margaret Morris

Dear, Mike

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the outstanding renovation you added to our home. My wife and I were anxious when we decided to do a home renovation. Everyone has heard of construction nightmares -- delays, cost over runs, poor quality, workers not showing up, etc We interviewed several builders and you immediately gave us the confidence we were seeking on our first meeting.

The professionalism that followed throughout our project was exceptional. You are one of the most honorable m en I have met in some time. You are genuinely concerned about your clients. The team of sub-contractors you have assembled to work with you are of the same caliber.

Jackie and I are sincerely appreciative of the work and effort you put into our renovation.

Warmest Personal Regards,

Mark B. Westle, D.O., FACP

Forty years ago, I visited the Asheville area as a student at U Georgia.  I had a dream shortly afterwards of building a "highly wood oriented home", and shared that with my friend that hosted me on that visit.


Forty years later, I visited Asheville again and instantly knew I had found the place I wanted to build in Grand Highlands at Bearwallow Mountain. A web search of local builders brought me to Mike Eubank, and after a brief phone interview, he and I met and reviewed my home design and goals.


Mike and his son Joey checked a number of key criteria I had in mind, namely:


1) decades history of building in the local area with solid customer testimonials of satisfaction

2) integrity - this is not always easy to read at first in anyone, but it became clear to me that Mike was a man of his word and could be trusted fully

3) quality - attention to detail, doing the work right the first time, and hiring sub-contractors that have high skills and standards (and most have been with Mike for decades) makes all the difference.


My wife Cheryl and I are very pleased with the outcome of our Timber Frame home project.  My "punch" list had just one or two minor items for follow-up, now four months since we've moved into the home.


I highly recommend Mike Eubank and Joey Reed when considering a new home project.

Peter Bruce Matey

owner of a Mike Eubank home

Dear Potential Homeowner,

My wife and I would like to recommend Mike Eubank and Eubank Construction for the building of your new home. Mike Eubank built our home in the Creston Development south of Black Mountain, NC and we could not be more pleased with the results. It has been about 9 months since we have moved in and we are thoroughly enjoying our new home.

First of all, Mike is a man of his word. Never once in the process of planning, construction or dealing with the punch list did we encounter any situations where Mike and his team did not live up to what they said they would do. Mike is careful not to over-promise, but when he tells you something, he does everything in his power to get it done.

We also appreciated how Mike was able to work with our architect. We recognized as we got into the process that there are so many trade-offs one needs to consider to balance the home of your dreams with the practicalities of getting it done on time and on budget. At times, I know that the architect’s plan for a few of the special features we wanted might have been difficult to implement, but Mike and his team were able to talk them through with us and the architect to make them a reality. At other times, Mike was able to identify areas where we could address certain areas in a more cost-effective way to help us stay on budget without impacting the overall design and look we wanted.

We believe that the quality of home produced by Mike and his team is outstanding, and we have had many of our neighbors here in Creston observe the same thing. Mike does not bring in a large team of workers to get things done as quickly as possible. Instead, he relies on professionals he trusts and who have the experience to make sure everything lines up. This is true form the framing stage all the way through to the finishing. You can be assured, however, that Mikes’ keen eye watches over every stage. During construction, if there was ever something I noticed that needed to be addressed, I often found that Mike had spotted it and had already given instructions to his team for correction.

In order to stay within our initial budget, we decided not to finish our 2 of the rooms on our lower level. We prioritized the other areas and though we could decide what to do with the 2 rooms once we saw how we stood with our budget. In the end, considering the add-ons that we asked for, Mike’s final priced ended up being within 10% of the original estimate despite additional expenses related to septic and structural. As a result, we were able to make the decision to finish out the 2 moors much earlier than we had planned.

Mike was very realistic in the amount of time it takes to build a home, especially in a mountain site such as ours. In our case Mike had estimated 12 months. Mikes approach to construction does not seem to be the kind to swarm the site with workers, but we rarely had any times when work was not progressing on our site. As a result we were able to move in about 13 months after groundbreaking, only 1 month later than the original estimate.

In summary, Mike an Eubank Construction demonstrated the integrity, cooperation, workmanship, and sensitivity to budget and time-frame that we were looking for in our first experience in building  custom architected home. If we had to do it over again, we would only work with Eubank Construction and we recommend you consider Mike and his team for you r new home.


George McLawhon

Posted in February 2011....We are building our fifth home. The current project, our first mountain home, is nearly ready for drywall. The quality and craftsmanship to this point has been excellent. Mike Eubank has assembled a remarkable team of tradesmen, all of whom take great pride in their work and work environment. We are building this home while living 400 miles to the north. With limited opportunities to visit during construction, we have had to rely on photos and effective communication. Mike and Joey have done a tremendous job with both. Since the first meeting, Mike has been a no-nonsense, "give-it-to-you straight"ˇ kind of man, all delivered with his great southern charm. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind, Mike Eubank Construction was the perfect choice of contractor to build our dream home. Stay tuned for more when the project is complete!

And now, the rest of the story…(posted October 2011)

In February (2011) we provided comments to Mike’s website based on our experience over the first six months of construction. We are now happy, full-time occupants of our new home for forty days and counting. Everything we said in February remains true today. Frankly we delayed any final comments in order to get some post-construction experience. Every day, we walk through our house and discover little things that define the difference between a well built home and a great home. We truly have a great home! With a new home, there are so many details it is impossible to appreciate them all without having some time to discover them. Even so, it is unreasonable to expect any home to be perfect on day one of ownership. That is why follow-up is so important to all of us. Although the list has been remarkably small, Mike and Joey have been very attentive and efficient in resolving our issues. In some cases, it has been our first opportunity to meet some of the people that participated in building our home and we have been very impressed with the individuals as much as the work they have performed. When we started building our home, Mike said it would take a year. We moved in at the end of 54 weeks. By any reasonable account, he delivered exactly as promised. From a business perspective, there is no doubt in our mind that we feel we were treated fairly and that we received great value.

In real estate, they always say, “location, location, location.” When building a home it is, “builder, builder, builder.” We say, “Mike Eubank, Mike Eubank, Mike Eubank!”

Copy Of -Mark and Wendy Haycock

Dear Mike,
Thank You. That could be the sum total of this letter, but we want to add a few words of appreciation to you for the work you have done on our Black Mountain home.

When Suzanne and I first interviewed you, we knew then that we wanted you to be our contractor. Your organizational skills, your other work in the area and your knowledge of building were just a few of the reasons we felt you were the right person for us. First and foremost, however, we were going to be out of town for most of the building process making it imperative that we had someone overseeing the construction whose ethics and work we could trust.

Your challenge: adding an addition onto a small 1906 cottage while maintaining the integrity of the cottage look from the front. This was carried out with great attention to detail. After all of our known needs were described to you, we were thrilled when you said you enjoyed the challenges associated with working with older homes. Challenges there were, but neither you nor any of your crew shirked any detail in reconstructing our home.

I could go on and on and on about how wonderful the work was, how beautifully the house turned out, how livable the space is, but I think I will just highlight some of the aspects of working with you that helped to create a space which is a welcoming home to all who enter.

Things we appreciated:

  • During the construction process you answered the phone every time I called. If you could not answer immediately, you immediately called back as soon as you were available.

  • Since construction you continue to respond immediately to our calls about any problems or questions.

  • Your sub-contractors were always respectful of us and of the house. It was clear also that your sub-contractors have great respect for you.

  • You made thoughtful suggestions to enhance the architectural plans.

  • You did not settle for the easy way, but made sure corrections were made even before we asked you to.

  • You stayed within the estimated budget.

  • Your bills were easy to understand and were presented in a timely manner.


Mike, we could go on and on, but I hope you get the point. We are thrilled with our house and so grateful to you for all that you have done. We wish you every success. You deserve it.

Gratefully yours,

Libba Fairleigh

Here are some terms that I associate with you. Use them any which way you can...

Reliable: Does what he says he'll do, on time, correctly.

Good Crew: Has workers (subs?) who are skilled, hardworking, polite and timely.

Works for the benefit of the owner: Considers options when there are questions, invites owners to speak their desire, honest about something not working (well, honest period!), creative about other options to reach consensus without the owner feeling rebellious.

Timely in appointments: Drove from Cincinnati one morning to meet with Mike, arrived about six-tired from driving all night, and he was there patiently ready to make some hard decisions and wanting my input even though he probably knew best.

The real thing I could say is that you have integrity, wisdom from experience, a patient manner with owners and, if I could have had no input into this house I believe I would be thrilled with whatever you had decided to do. It was nice to be consulted but your inventive solutions and desire to keep the owners and the architect from warring was commendable.


We have great respect for you and your family. Just put a picture of all of you and say: "Honest-----Builds Good Houses"

Happy Client Review

To Whom It May Concern:

Mike Eubank of Mike Eubank Construction was the builder that built our home in Creston.

It was a real pleasure to have Mike and his contractors build our home. The workmanship was superb and contrary to what most people warned us about the building a new house, we had literally no issues. The work was completed on time and within the budget quoted.

Mike is a man of integrity, he stands behind his jobs. We had a couple of minor issues after the house was completed and Mike had the problem fixed immediately.

Robert and Bonnie Hendry

Please consider this e-mail as a strong letter of recommendation from both Doug and I. Mike you are a very competent, hard working, kind and honest contractor. Our building experience in Creston was extremely smooth and you kept in regular contact with us and let us know how things were going, whether there was a current issue of not. You hire and retain dedicated craftsman who have the utmost respect for you. In today’s economy and market that is a very strong appeal. Please feel free to have anyone call Doug or I with questions. Thank you again, we still love going to the home you built for us!

Patty Husted

To Whom It May Concern:

Mike Eubank Construction built my home July 2006 to March 2007. There was never a moment during this period that I had any doubt my house was in the hands of one of the best in the business. As I dealt with various vendors around the area each one told me, essentially, that “If Mike Eubank is your contractor, you’ve got nothing to worry about. “ I found this to be true. His reputation is excellent and I found his work to be about the high quality I expected.

During construction, I never had a problem with him with communication or cooperation. He was attentive to my questions and his answers were clear and sane. When we ran into difficulty with one aspect, he did his level best to provide me with a variety of possible solutions and the approximate cost of each approach.

I could not recommend him more highly. My experience in building this home was very pleasant and enjoyable. Really. It was. If you’re fortunate enough to have him consent to be your builder, you may rest easy. It will not be cheap but it will be exactly what he told you it would be.

With Sincerity,

Barbara Page

Our home in Creston was built by Mike Eubank Construction in 2004, and we highly recommend Mike as an excellent builder. We enjoyed working with Mike due to his professionalism and friendly personality. He was on top of things at all times and kept us and his workers abreast of what would transpire every day. Our home site was always neat and cleaned up at the end of each day. It was completely finished in a timely manner and without delays.

Mike’s employees and the sub-contractors that he used were excellent craftsmen in their fields and we are extremely happy with the finished product, our beautiful home.

With five stars being the highest rating, we would give Mike Eubank a five.

Sincerely yours,

George and Theresa Morris.

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